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Each course is designed to make the best use of the Online format: Displaying detailed techniques and my drawing expertise right in front of the participant's eyes.  The classes are recorded and made accessible to the students after each class to reinforce the learning content. After 25 years of teaching, my methods are constantly reevaluated and improved to be effectively adapted to an online platform. My students are very happy with this format and I am pleased with the work that results from it. I feel that for my medium, colored pencils, this is the best way to teach.     -Lisa 

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Coffee & Colored Pencils Club Online & other PATREON Classes

Join The CLUB ($25) and get...

  •  A live two-hour class on a Tuesday each month, 6-8pm Eastern Time.

  • Preliminary information, reference materials, demos

  • Live critique and Q&A class on a Tuesday each month, 6-8pm Eastern Time.

  • First access to any videos, class sign-ups & updates

  • Upcoming dates of Classes and Critiques, click on the CALENDAR button above.

  • There are also a limited # of spaces for my private mentoring at $65/month. 

  • plus... if you are unable to attend or would like to re-watch.... You get all the pre-recorded classes.

Video Library Access level ($10)...

  • Access to any pre-recorded classes and reference materials

  • two new videos per month to watch at your convenience.

Patron level ($3) too! 

  • My Kindred Spirit Level; You get my undying gratitude!

To Register:. Click below & subscribe. You will be billed when you sign up and on the first of each month. You can cancel at any time, just do so be fore the 1st of the next month.


Tuesdays, 6-8pm


My basic materials list is available as an instructor kit through Plaza Artist Materials in Bethesda. These are the supplies that I use in my personal work because they're the best, the easiest and offer the best results for my technique. I strive to help my students improve quickly and have a much easier time with colored pencils.


If you are new to Online classes, you can view a brief tutorial on using Zoom here. It's easy.

Click the Slice button to order your SLICE Cutters & get 10% Off your order using the code LISARTS10

Check the Calendar for Upcoming dates:

Go to the Patreon Library to view Classes:



Take a FREE Sample Class and see how you like drawing with Lis!


Draw Water in Colored Pencils, June 7 - 21  ONLINE, Wednesdays,5:00-7:00pm
SEE CLASSES BELOW & Register Now! through Yellow Barn & Glen Echo

The Fine Art of Colored Pencils Classes are all Online! Now everyone in class an see right over my shoulder to what I am drawing! Offered through the Yellow Barn Studio in Glen Echo, now you can take my class from home. Or anywhere! Learn the amazing capabilities of colored pencils and how to use them to their highest potential to create realism and a variety of textures as we turn a humble medium into masterful fine art in different weekly projects. Demonstrations, experimentation and critique included. All classes are recorded for you to re-watch. For all artists who want to add colored pencils to their arsenal. Supply list/info: Use the buttons below for the list or kit at Plaza Arts or email: Minimum age 14. 


Use the Plaza Art Materials List and coupon below! 

Registration Open NOW for:

June 7, 14 & 21 - Water in Colored Pencil

Water fascinates us, whether seascapes or water up close. Learn to portray the magical properties of water with the realism achieved with colored pencils! Learn vital techniques in the use of colored pencils. You will benefit whether beginner or advanced. Critique & demos included. Classes recorded for you to re-watch.

Dates: Wednesday, June 7 - 21, 5:00-7:00pm*, Online 

Price: $145

Jun 29-Jul 13 - Composition and Storytelling in Art

Explore composition in representational art and how to create strong themes, moods, and stories within your work. Look at modern and historical sources and how compositional tools are used. Create works based on your own themes and interests. Drawing will be the main medium in class, but you can use your medium of choice for all projects. All levels. Minimum age 16. 

Dates: Thursday, June 29-July 13, 2:00-4:00pm*, Online 

Price: $130

July 19 & 26 - Draw from Your Photos in CP

Whether Drawing from your travel photos or wanting to capture a person’s likeness, learn Easy-Peasy techniques for transferring your image into colored pencil art with the magical realism of this modern-day medium. You will benefit whether beginner or advanced. Critique & demos. Classes recorded to re-watch.

Dates: Wednesday, July 19 & 26, 5:00-7:00pm*, Online 

Price: $95

Aug 9 & 16 - Local Wildlife in Colored Pencil

Capture the fun and activity of the local landscape and its vibrant inhabitants while you learn professional drawing techniques in colored pencil, draw fur and feathers, achieving amazing realism while capturing animals. You will benefit whether beginner or advanced. Critique & demos included. Class are recorded for you to re-watch.

Dates: Wednesday, Aug. 9 & 16, 5:00-7:00pm*, Online 

Price: $95


*All times are in the US Eastern Time Zone

Class Registration/Free Checklist

Thanks for Registering! I will confirm by email shortly.

What People Are Saying about Lisa's ONLINE CLASSES:

   "From one colored pencil artist to another, your technique and variety of subjects along with the ability to teach is exceptional." -Judy V.

   "Thanks, Lis, for your terrific drawing class! Even on Zoom, you brought to life important ways of visualizing and translating those new insights into compelling drawings." - Carolyn B.

   "Amazing Classes, Amazing Teacher!" - Beth B.

   "Thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s online session. Watching you draw makes a big difference in improving my drawing skills.  There is immense value to me with this teaching technique. Brava!” - Rita D.   

   "I’m so pleased with my progress in your class.  This is something that I never thought I could do.   Your instructions are so helpful and I learn so much each time.  I look forward to each class." - Julie G.

   "As I was arranging & organizing my artwork, I realized that I had done so many that I was proud of under your guidance.  You are a very skilled & generous instructor, that's for sure."  -Anne N.

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