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DRAW PORTRAIT IN COLORED PENCIL - Get the Book! A Dream Team of colored pencil artists ready to teach you... (Lis has a full step-by-step chapter in this book)200 pages of portrait WOW! Everything you could ever dream of learning about portraits in colored pencil is in this single most remarkable volume. To purchase Draw Portraits in Colored Pencil from Lis for $45, free shipping.

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Learn to draw portraits by going step-by-step through these two portraits with award-winning colored pencil artist Lis Zadravec as you sample her classes & teaching methods. A digital copy of the tutorials will be emailed to you, including materials list, line drawing to copy and bonus articles on Striving for Excellence, The Beholder's Eye & Drawing From Life in Colored Pencil. As an added Bonus you will receive the link to The Draw This Fox Video demonstration including the fox line drawing.

ALL for just $20!

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