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What is Patreon and why do you keep talking about it?! 

Patreon is a website that allows me to offer my online classes to all levels in one place at a very low cost to YOU! 

I  am currently running a combined Teen/Young Masters class for 10-15 year olds.   Younger kids can watch any free videos or projects I post here or on my YouTube site. And Teens ages 16 and up can join my adult classes.  Click on the class Level you want below AND you get immediate access to anything I have previously recorded. To learn more... watch the video! >>>

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  Teen Young Masters Art Weekly Class

10 - 15 years

Fine Art skill building, in drawing, painting and art challenges for the older budding artist. We will build art skills through methods that teach real art technique. Always included: drawing/shading and color drawing, painting in watercolor & 3-D design in a curriculum developed in over 25 years of teaching. Students are challenged in this class with professional artist techniques; with skills and strategies to achieve in the art world, building art abilities and a basic knowledge of great art and artists, emphasis on traditional fine art methods with new and innovative methods. Includes projects in drawing/shading & color drawing, painting in two media and 3-dimensional projects. May be taken 3+ years. Price: $20 per month. Materials List at   Zoom class access given when you register through Patreon.


Thursdays 4:30-6pm ET


Spring Break Teen Colored Pencil Class

12 - 18  years

Drawing Leopards

Put on by the Waterford Craft School, Teen artists will learn to draw wildlife by drawing leopards. We will meet via Zoom  on Tuesday and Thursday, giving students time to work on this labor intensive project outside of class. Students will learn professional animal and wildlife techniques in colored pencil.

Dates: March 30 & April 1

Time: 1:00-3:00pm ET

Price: $100 for the two-part class

Mar 30 & Apr 1

Tues & Thurs 1-3pm on Spring Break!


 ​For the Great Little Artists

Grab your box of colored pencils and color one of my pieces. Click on the image of "Les Filles de Boheme" for the downloadable coloring page and have FUN!


YOUTUBE CLASS  ​For the Great Little Artists.

Grab your art materials and enjoy a class any time you would like to watch and learn!

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YoungMasters5 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
GLACamp3 (2) (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
TeenCamp3 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
GLACamp (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
TeenStudio4 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
GLA Camp1 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
HmschlArt1 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
GLACamp4 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
GreatLittle Artists (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
HmschlArt3 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
GreatLittleArtists1 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
GreatLittleArtists2 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
GreatLittleArtists3 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
HmschlArt2 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
PreSChlArt1 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
PreschlArt2 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
TeenCamp2 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
TeenCamp1 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
003 (2) (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
TeenStudio2 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
TeenCamp4 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
TeenStudio3 (1) (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
TeenStudio5 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
YMCamp1 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
TeenStudio1 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
YMCamp2 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
YMCamp3 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
YoungMasters2 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
YoungMAsters4 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
YoungMasters1 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
YoungMasters3 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
YMCamp4 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
YoungMasters6 (2017_07_21 20_40_01 UTC)
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"My son (7 years old at the time) attended art classes provided by Lisa. She did a wonderful job working with my son who is an odd combination of being a very intelligent boy, but also one who has sensory integration dysfunction (which affects his behavior). Lisa's instruction not only provided a basis for new skills in various forms of art, but also helped him mature and develop teamwork and interpersonal skills."

Kevin Peterson, CPP, Principal Consultant-Partner at Innovative Protection Solutions, LLC

"My daughter is now a professional graphic artist. Your classes were the start of her artistic journey."  -Former Student's Parent

"I looked at what the other Art classes were doing and thought this is no where near what my daughter was bringing home from Lisa's classes. My daughter was doing real Art, these other classes just offered art activities the children could have done on their own." -Art Student's Parent

"When I got to college, I was completely prepared for everything they were teaching, in fact I had done most of it before." -Former Art Student

"You are the most influential artist I have known. I thought of all you had taught me even as I completed my degree in digital arts." -Former Art Student

Last night at the most prestigious portrait competition in our area, in fact one of the stiffest competitions around, all those who get in are the finalists, a young man came up to me and said: "Miss Lisa, you won't remember me, but you taught me art in the first grade." This young man, now 20 years old, grew up to be an artist, exhibiting as a finalist along with me at the portrait competition. His work was amazing. In fact, I had two students there, also an adult who started painting with me when I taught adult beginner classes years ago. One of the Moms of students I have seen become artists. I feel so honored tonight as a teacher and an artist. And I know once opened, inspiration is a door that cannot be closed. I am humbled to be part of the journey of these young artists. Who knows where they will go? I do. I have several students who have taught in missions across Africa, some become teachers, the director of a daycare, and many, many professional artists. I am carrying on the tradition of the teachers who inspired me that being an artist was something I could become.

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